Tech & Industry

Richard Gliech Translator, LLC offers English to French translation and localization of a wide variety of documents in most technical fields. All translations are rendered with technical terminology accurate to your trade and in compliance with the industry standards of French-speaking markets worldwide. Interpreting services are also offered for most technical domains.

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Areas of specialty:

  • Electrical, chemical, materials, and mechanical engineering
  • Oil, gas, and energy industries
  • Building and construction
  • Automotive industry and machinery
  • IT, software, and computer equipment
  • Consumer electronics and audio/video equipment

Types of documents translated:

  • User and installation guides
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Specification sheets
  • Software and hardware UI
  • Websites
  • Patent claims
  • Product/marketing brochures
  • Packaging




Food, tourism, and hospitality industry translation targeted for a global francophone clientele. All translations are rendered with sensitivity to your local flavor and in compliance with the industry standards of French-speaking markets worldwide.

Hospitality Translation Sample - Parks Guide Hospitality Translation Sample - Museum Exhibit Label

Areas of specialty:

  • Food menus and recipes
  • Signage, product names, and promotional materials
  • Websites and software UI
  • Visitor’s, museum, and park guides



Personal Documents

Translation of personal legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and diplomas. Each translation comes with its own certification seal and signature, as well as a separate affidavit of accuracy for use in official procedures such as immigration and job or college application.

Personal Document Translation Sample - Marriage CertificatePersonal Document Translation Sample - Birth Certificate


What can translation do for my business? Should all of my materials be translated? Should I hire a professional? Is translation costly?

For clients new to translation, Richard Gliech Translator, LLC offers hourly consulting services to address these questions and more. Save on translation when you come prepared and increase your bottom line with translation that works hard for your business.

Richard Gliech Translator, LLC equips businesses and individuals with the tools they need to build a foreign-language brand that will speak to more clients for less.
Richard Gliech Translator, LLC will help you:

  • Assess and prioritize your translation needs
  • Develop a strategy to maximize the impact and minimize the cost of your translation
  • Adapt and develop content specifically for your translation
  • Adjust–or localize–content to reflect and comply with your target market’s local standards, practices, and cultural expectations
  • Connect with highly qualified translation professionals who meet your needs

In addition, we provide on-site English-French interpreting and language support for meetings, trade shows, and conferences.